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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent is the Critter Capital of the Caribbean

Bill Tewes and his staff will amaze you with the variety and abundance of unique marine life in St. Vincent. Amongst the wonderful assortment you can see the following fish and invertebrates.
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Other Fish

three line basslet maculated flounder cherub angelfish
fairy basslet peacock flounder black ear basses
eyed flounder shortnose batfish
Blennies channel flounder boga
yellowface pike blenny dusky flounder banded butterfly fish
bluethroat pike blenny tropical flounder goldenphase coney
red banner blenny trumpet fish
punk blenny Rays red cornetfish
sailfin blenny lesser electric ray honeycomb cowfish
sailfin blenny confrontation
flagfin blenny spotted drum
glass blenny Seahorse juv. spotted drum
blackcheek blenny longsnout seahorse juv. yellowtail damsels
yellowcheek blenny longsnout seahorse redspotted hawkfish
spiny head blenny flying gurnards
diamond blenny Crabs highhats
spotted porcelain crab jackknives
Gobies pea crab bluelip parrotfish
canyon bridled goby sand dollar pea crab redband parrotfish
colon goby southern teardrop crab sand diver
browbar goby decorator crab smooth trunkfish
hovering goby southern teardrop crab spotted scorpionfish
quilfin goby ocellated box crab sergeant major
tusk goby flame box crab sunshine fish
shortline goby
short stripe goby eroded mud crab tobacco fish
redlip goby channel clinging crab blackear wrasse
spotfin goby hairy clinging crab whitenose pipefish
red ridged clinging crab shortfin pipefish
Hamlets banded clinging crab spotted soapfish
juv. shy hamlet nimble spray crab
golden hamlet decorator crab
sponge crab
Jawfish arrow crab with eggs
banded jawfish
bluebar jawfish Lobster
yellowhead jawfish red banded lobster Shrimp
spotted cleaner shrimp
Seahorse Morays golden coral shrimp
golden coral shrimp with eggs
longsnout seahorse broadband moray banded coral shrimp
longsnout seahorse chain moray peppermint shrimp
chestnut moray squat anemone shrimp


goldentail moray arrow shrimp
manytooth conger eel spotted moray pistol shrimp or red snapping shrimp
black spotted snake eel invisible shrimp
spotted snake eel sponge anemone shrimp
gold spotted eel Slugs two claw shrimp
stippled spoon nose eel lettuce sea slug unidentified shrimp
shorttail eel leech headshield slug
spotted spoon nose eel Other Invertebrates

Snails amber pen shell


fingerprint cyphoma long arm octopus
longlure frog fish flamingo tongue two-spined sea star
striated frog fish simnia scale fireworm

A Dive St. Vincent icon, Bill's hand combs the turtle grass looking for his "critters."

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reef field station
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Bill Tewes' Dive St. Vincent
The Critter Capital of the Caribbean!

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St. Vincent, West Indies

Main Office: 784 457 4948
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PADI's oldest facility
in St. Vincent
since January 24, 1978
Dive St. Vincent is the
only dive shop in the country
that does critters

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