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Meet The Dive St. Vincent Staff

Booking with Dive St.Vincent is easy.  Your first contact with Dive St. Vincent will probably be with Jackie Samuel, Dive St. Vincent's Reservations Manager and takes care of the shop when the boats are out diving. Jackie answers the phones, manages the office, takes bookings, sends out literature and keeps up with the email. Jackie has been in this position for 21 years and could assists you in choosing the best hotel to meet your needs. 

Dive St.Vincent has two experience dive masters.  Cally and DJ are Vincentian, trained by Bill and can help find all the unusual creatures that gives St.Vincent the reputation of being the "Critter Capital of the Caribbean".  Tell them what you want to see and they can find it. They are, "Masters of their trade."

Callie Richards has been with Bill from the beginning.  He has worked his way up from being a clerk to the shop manager.  He has worked at the shop for 31 years and now that Bill has retired, the shop continues in capable hands.   He knows every nook and cranny of the dive sites. His well trained eyes, spot hidden creatures that most of us would miss, if he cannot find it, it is not there. Callie specializes in night dives, that could be booked on demand.

D.J. (Don Carlos) Jack has stepped into the role of doing promotion at some dive shows and could be found at the St.Vincent and the Grenadines booth.  He is a Dive Master, an expert frogfish, pipehorse spotter and good with cameras as he aspires to be an underwater photographer.   D.J. 's beautiful photograph of a Long snout  seahorse, with its tail wrapped around a flamingo tongue is among the collection of pictures that decorates the shop's wall, pictured here to the right.  He has been with Dive St.Vincent for 23 years.

Ray Haberman is a long time friend of Bill and Dive St.Vincent.  He is a retired deputy sheriff who loves muck and critter dives.   Ray is an avid photographer and has discovered many new critters in St.Vincent, such as the Royal Sea Goddess, Mud Shrimp, Bahama Simnia, as well as numerous flat worm, Bennies and Gobies.   Several of his pictures could be seen in the Reef Creatures books by Paul Human and Ned Deloache.  He sends out his (Catch of the day) collection of pictures daily. He is truly one of our valid customer and friend.   





Don Carlos



Dive St. Vincent Rated Number One Dive St. Vincent Rated Number One
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Bill Tewes' Dive St. Vincent
The Critter Capital of the Caribbean!

P.O. Box 864
St. Vincent, West Indies

Main Office: 784 457 4948
Dive Shop: 784-457-4714
Fax: 784-457-4948
VHF 16/68


PADI's oldest facility
in St. Vincent
since January 24, 1978
Dive St. Vincent is the
only dive shop in the country
that does critters

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